I feel thoroughly lucky to have found this path in life.  I devised these classes for you because I could not find the perfect combination to see me through my own pregnancies.  I found yoga too slow, and wanted something more fun but with thoughtful purpose, so after the birth of my second of three babies, I upskilled my existing qualifications to specialise in pregnancy and postnatal exercise.  After many years of practice and research, I have the perfect combination of methods for you, which in 2012,  were commissioned to be published in a book, The FitMama Method, The Complete Guide to Confidence and Fitness for Birth.


To prepare you for birth, these classes will not only cover exercises, birth positions and meditations for pregnancy, but will also teach you breathing and labour techniques to help you cope effectively during the birth itself. Then, you will learn how to safely rehabilitate yourself after your baby is born.

There is a lot of debate about whether to exercise before twelve weeks gestation, but I believe pregnancy is a natural state of being and that therefore exercise is good for you and your developing baby, depending on your personal health background.  If you are generally healthy, you should be absolutely fine carrying on in the first trimester, as long as you avoid overheating and pushing yourself hard. 


Exercise will help your circulation flow more easily, taking nutrients to your baby and keeping your organs well looked after. I encourage women at all stages of pregnancy to exercise. As long as you are listening to your body, you will always know when it is time to rest. Historically, women have worked the land for thousands of years in all stages of pregnancy, sometimes giving birth

in the field.  . We need to unite as women and mothers and embrace exercise and health choices positively. We are the land workers of the modern world.

The exercise methods are designed simply to keep you mobile and active, and help you avoid too much strain on the body as your pregnancy progresses. This simple program is appropriate at any stage of pregnancy, at any fitness level, and is designed to make you feel better. 


If you find anything gives you pain or makes you feel unwell, you must stop and seek advice from your instructor.

These classes are prepared with all of you in mind, at every stage of pregnancy. So even if your bump is nowhere near

showing as much as in any pictures you may see, these exercises are still for you.

I have created this method with one main goal in mind: to give you confidence and self-awareness, so that when you enter your labour you will feel comfortable in your own pregnant skin. I want you to feel confident that your body will do what it needs to do to get your baby out of your womb and into your loving arms.

From one mother to another: listen to the advice given to you; apply it only if it works for you; for every scary birth story you are told, there are many wonderful versions too (no point in frightening yourself with what if ’s); and remember that every labour and birth experience is different.

You’re already doing the right thing by learning more about yourself by coming to this webssite.


All my best wishes to you for a smooth and active pregnancy and a very safe recovery and repair.


Marie Behenna