1. Do not lie flat on your back for long periods, particularly after 16 weeks, because the weight of your bump presses on the main blood vessel bringing blood back to your heart and this can make you feel faint

  2. Do not take part in contact sports where there's a risk of being hit, such as kickboxing, judo or squash.

  3. Horse riding and Hockey should also be considered as a risk.

  4. Do not go scuba diving, because the baby has no protection against decompression sickness and gas embolism (gas bubbles in the bloodstream).

  5. Do not exercise at heights over 2,500m above sea level – this is because you and your baby are at risk of altitude sickness.

  6. Sit ups, planks and crunches should be avoided as they will lead to a weakening of the linea alba and cause separation of the abominal muscles, which will lead to lack of spinal support and can mean long term back pain.  FitMama teaches much more suitable alternatives to help core and pelvic floor function.

Stop exercising if you experience abdominal pain, leakage of fluid, including clear, pink or blood, or begin to have visual disturbances... Seek advice from your instructor and medical professional as a matter of urgency.