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Level 2 Postnatal Fitness 

FitMama postnatal fitness classes are designed to suit women who have experienced all types of child birth, and ideally completed our post birth rehabilitation course.  Pregnant women who are used to exercise are welcome to join these sessions too!

Babies are welcome in our classes and we have Covid safety procedures in place for your safety.  The video on this page was filmed before lockdown.

Class Content:

Our classes are designed to safely get you back to fitness, or begin your fitness journey from scratch.  You can work at your own pace with the help of your coach keeping a watchful eye on your safety.


We teach a combination of methods, including

  • Timed Tabata format - sometimes venues will be circuit based, others will be distanced.

  • Classes are operated in an efficient 30 min maximum format for optimal results for you and so your baby can cope with the duration.

  • Using functional methods to make you strong enough to cope with your growing baby and the demands of motherhood.

You can do as many courses as you like! You might even find you become one of our regulars, it's that much fun!

Course format:

Classes are operated in short courses so you can manage your budget when on maternity pay. 

When you sign up to our classes, you have free access to our online support portal via WhatsApp, so you can ask for help and advice at any time you need it, or just natter with other mums.

When Can I attend?

You should only participate in these courses if you have recovered well from your childbirth experience. 

In the case of natural childbirth, you can participate as soon as your core and pelvic floor feel strong enough, or if you've completed our FitMama CoreVac, post birth rehab course.

In the case of medical childbirth, such as forceps or caesarean section, you may attend as soon as you are driving your car or able to go to the shops and push a trolley with no problems, and we highly recommend that you have first completed our post birth rehab course..

If you are experiencing any kind of infection, you should wait until you have been prescribed antibiotics and a week has passed.

Please do not attend class if you are experiencing any viral symptoms.

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