Repair your pelvic floor and core after pregnancy

Suitable from 2 weeks after birth

During Covid-19, all courses will be held via Zoom and WhatsApp.  Please register as normal selecting the dates you prefer.

This course is essential rehabilitation for the early weeks and months after birth to prepare you for your postnatal check up with your GP so you can be cleared to move onto more challenging exercise.  Repair Bladder weakness and abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) and reduce back pain.

Course Dates:

April 2020

4 week course (online price £35)

11.15 - 12pm

May 2020

4 week course (online price £35)

11.15 - 12pm



Course Fee:  £60

You can start this courses from as early as 2-3 weeks postnatal (depending on your delivery type and recovery, as you will receive a Pre-6 week check assessment for Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) and pelvic floor dysfunction), or as soon as you are driving after C-section. 

If you have experienced a csection birth, please attend this course when you are able to drive.

​The first step to recovery after birth.  

If you are ready to restore, or suffering with prolapse, abdominal separation, bladder leakage or back ache since having your baby, this class is definitely for you and essential before you embark on any other form of exercise, including our FitMama Postnatal Fitness course.


This course offers an introduction to Hypopressive Therapy and safe postnatal rehabilitation which will change the way you exercise your abdominal and pelvic  muscles forever!  Astounding results have been seen in our studio so far!


These specialised postnatal classes are known for giving women a safe return to fitness, through pelvic floor and core repair, nutritional tips and support for exhaustion and sleep deprivation.

Whether you've had a natural, assisted or c-section delivery, we have a safe solution for you which you can use for all stages of womanhood.


You will be assessed for Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation, read more) and pelvic floor function through a series of tests at the beginning and end of the course.


The bonus of this class, is that your baby comes with you!  Breast and bottle feeding during class are welcome, and grumpy babies are free to tell us how they feel, as loudly as they like!


We welcome mums up to 36 months postnatal for this course.  


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