Portrait of young pregnant woman sitting

As the body evolves during pregnancy and post birth, women can experience varying sensations as the pelvis changes position and begins to affect the posture.  For some this can feel niggly, and for others this can be life changing and require support from physiotherapists.

At FitMama, we teach you tricks and techniques to help you prevent and manage the sensations that becoming a mum brings.  The exercises taught in classes are designed to help stabilise your pelvis and spine to reduce the chances of discomfort developing, or at least reduce the intensity of how it feels.  

If you are really struggling with pelvic, spinal or knee pain during these exercise sessions, please do speak to your FitMama instructor and ensure that they are aware so alternative exercises can be offered to you.

Watch the video on this page to get an idea of some of the techniques used at FitMama to help you get on top of pain management during pregnancy and post birth.