FitMama Pregnancy
Exercise and Birth Preparation Classes

Mondays 5.45pm with Marie (60 mins)

Tuesdays 5.45pm via Zoom with Marie (45 mins)

Wednesdays 6.30pm with Magda (60 mins)

FitMama classes are designed to suit all trimesters, so no matter when you start, you are in good hands.

Class Content:

Our classes are designed to safely prepare your body for the challenges and exertion of childbirth, whether natural or medical, and to help prevent and heal pregnancy related aches, pains and misalignments. 


We teach a variety of methods blended into one class, including:

  • Low impact cardio,

  • Pilates

  • Tai Chi

  • Birth Breath

  • Hormone Balancing Meditation

We teach using resistance bands and other clever equipment  to give you the best chance to be physically well and fit enough to cope with pregnancy and childbirth.

Course format:

Classes are operated in short courses so you can manage your budget, and attend as many courses as you want for the duration of your pregnancy, right up until you go into labour.

When you sign up to our classes, you have free access to our online support portal via WhatsApp, so you can ask for help and advice at any time you need it, or just natter with other mums.

Zoom Options:


If you are shielding, courses are held online via Zoom, so you can attend from anywhere.

Can I attend if...?

You should only exercise in pregnancy if you do not suffer any contraindications and have let your health care practitioner know of your intention to participate in FitMama Pregnancy classes.

Course fee:

Most courses are run on a monthly basis for £39.99 per month. Zoom courses operate a slightly different fee. Exchange rates may affect the price of courses in other countries.


Our post birth rehabilitation courses gently take you back to bladder control and core health from as early as 2 weeks post birth, depending on your birth experience.