"As soon as I discovered I was pregnant I got straight in touch with Marie.


She came highly recommended and, as a regular gym-goer, I wanted to keep as active as possible during my pregnancy.

After a helpful chat with her I joined the Fitmama classes early in my pregnancy (about 8 weeks). This allowed me to really implement and practice the techniques she teaches in readiness for the birth.


It also helped my body deal with changes so I could continue to be mobile and pain free as my belly grew! Marie herself is very warm and welcoming, with a refreshing honesty and humour that weaves its way through her teachings and classes, and her knowledge is second to none.


The Fitmama course has been a great way to meet lots of new people, and we all share tips and experiences with each other which has been a valuable resource.

Our little one is due soon and I cannot wait to put all I have learned into practice!


I would highly recommend that if you, or someone you know, is expecting to get in touch with Marie and join the Fitmama group as it is truly an invaluable resource and will help you through the pregnancy to birth and beyond!"

Rachel Quilter


"In such unusual and quite scary times of Covid-19, it is wonderful how much of a priority Marie and her team place on supporting us ladies.


The prenatal programme was seamlessly moved to digital which has given us all the opportunity to continue to focus on our health and wellbeing. What has been really great, is that I have been able to repeat the video sessions multiple times in the week to keep me fit and mobile as the baby grows too!


The support network Marie promotes is fantastic and there is never a question or concern that is too much hassle for her to help with (and for us first time Mums there’s a lot!).


Marie is truly an angel that has kept us calm and focused during an unsettling period to be growing small humans. Thank you for all your wonderful wisdom...

I hope there is something we can do to return the support one day."

Kerry Hickman