Recovery from childbirth is a sacred journey and the first few days and weeks after your baby has been born, are essential to your long term well being. 

You may be flying high with endorphins and oxytocin running through your body, after all, you are superwoman!  Even though you might feel great, your body has been through a marathon, whatever childbirth experience you had.

Your body and baby need you to rest as much as you can, I know it's not possible to be completely sedentary with a baby to attend to, but be kind to yourself and follow the tips below to help you.

Tips to recover in the early days:

  • Drink plenty of fluids to help with healing your birth wounds, and if you are breastfeeding, to help the flow of milk.

  • Eat fresh, nutritious foods.  Hopefully, you will have precooked a load of meals for your freezer.  Soups and fresh fruit are a really easy and healing way to eat in the first few days after birth.

  • Take only short walks with your baby.  If you feel a dragging sensation in your lower tummy or back ache, then you have done to much.  Build it up over the weeks, starting with 10 mins, progressing to 30 mins.  Long walks can be hard on the pelvic floor when the muscles are still healing.

  • You will have alot of interuptions with your sleep, so make sure you support your immune system with a good vitamin supplement to keep your body well balanced.  Sleep deprivation can lower your magnesium levels which can lead to health problems like chest pains or leg cramps and unhealthy weight gain.

  • Your emotions may be all over the place, so don't be surprised if you feel weepy one minute, or elated the next.  It is important to talk to someone about how you are feeling and be able to feel that your emotions are normal for this time.  Your FitMama instructor is always here to help you through these times so feel free to message her when you need advice.

  • Some gentle core exercises like pelvic tilts or kegels can help in the very early days, but wait until 2 weeks after birth to do anything else of a core rehabilitation nature.  At FitMama, we don't teach kegels in our post birth rehabilitation sessions after two weeks post delivery, replacing that with a more effective and safer and very gentle form of CoreVac/hypopressive training.